Nua Skin Bliss is a
boutique skin clinic located
in Double Bay & Paddington.

  • Local Business Award Winner 2022

    City Suburbs Local Business Award 2022
    Outstanding Beauty Services
  • Our Commitment

    We are committed to ensuring that our treatments are performed at first class standards using only the highest quality of products. Working together, we can aim to achieve and maintain your desired results.

    Long term lasting results are our aim.
  • At Nua Skin Bliss we are proud to say we do not offer “fluffy” facials. We take a holistic approach and aim to get to the root cause of any skin condition. We believe in treating the skin as a whole, working on both intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic factors (environment, lifestyle, hormones).

    Each client receives an in-depth consultation using the Observe skin scanner. This allows us to look deeper within the layers of the skin that is unseen to the naked eye. We will then construct a tailor-made skincare program suited to you.

  • Erin

    Proprietor & Advanced Dermal Therapist
  • Erin, the founding owner of Nua Skin Bliss, is a highly trained Senior Dermal, laser, holistic and Reiki therapist. Erin obtained her qualifications in Ireland and London. She started her career in 2000, on-board luxury cruise liners in the USA which led her to travel all over the world and settling in Sydney, Australia in 2010. Here in Sydney, she has worked for high-end medical clinics for 8+ years providing her clients with professional yet personalised skin treatments with results.

  • After 20 years in the industry, she opened Nua Skin Bliss (“Nua” - gaelic for New) in William Street, Paddington.

    Since then, Nua Skin Bliss is proud to say that it’s opened up its second location in one of the most prestigious locations in Sydney in Knox Street, Double Bay.

    At Nua we don’t offer fluffy facials, and instead takes a no-nonsense approach to skincare, ensuring you get the very best results.

  • How do we do it? At Nua Skin Bliss, we take a holistic approach to find the root cause of skin issues which includes internal factors like genetics, hormones, diet, lifestyle, pregnancy or stress levels.

    Finding the root cause of concern, the team at Nua Skin Bliss identifies a skin care program that best suits you and a tailored plan with the most effective treatments.

  • Áine

    Clinic Manager & Advanced Dermal Therapist
  • Áine is a highly trained Corneotherapist, Dermal, Laser and holistic therapist. She has been in the industry for over 17 years and has a tremendous passion for what she does and prides herself to only working to the highest of standards.

  • She has worked in one of the most established salons in Ireland. Áine’s trained up aspiring therapists to help them achieve the highest standards in treatments and to further their qualifications within the beauty industry. Áine has also worked within clinics in Perth and Melbourne treating an array of high profile clients.

    Áine believes in treating the skin as a whole, looking at both the internal and external factors.

  • “The Skin is a mirrored reflection to your inner health. Good skin starts from within.’’ Áine understands that each and every person is unique and that each program will be tailor made to treat “You.” By working together, you can achieve the best results and your utmost satisfaction with us at Nua Skin Bliss.

  • Brielle

    Clinic Training Mentor & Skin Specialist
  • Brielle, an Ambassador for the Australian National College of Beauty in 2016, brings her wealth of experience and dedication to Nua Skin Bliss. With just over seven years in the industry, her journey has been marked by a profound commitment to helping individuals look and feel their absolute best.

    Brielle's passion is deeply rooted in the transformational power of skincare. She is driven by the desire to assist clients in embracing their most confident selves.

  • Her specialty lies in addressing skin sensitivities, particularly Rosacea, a condition she herself has overcome. This personal journey has not only shaped her expertise but has also fueled her empathy and understanding when it comes to clients facing similar challenges.

    She often shares, "I love being able to help people feel their best versions of themselves. I have a passion for helping clients that suffer from Rosacea or any skin sensitivity."

  • Brielle's compassionate approach to skincare goes beyond the surface, reaching the core of her clients' well-being.

    Her expertise, combined with her genuine care and understanding, make her a valuable asset to Nua Skin Bliss.

  • Amanda

    Experienced Skin Specialist, Clinic Team Leader
  • Amanda entered the beauty industry in 2011 when she successfully completed her education at Ultimo TAFE college in Sydney. With over a decade of industry experience, she has cultivated a profound expertise in skincare. In late 2021, Amanda found her professional home at Nua Skin Bliss, where her passion for skin knowledge truly flourished. As the Clinic Team Leader, Amanda leads by example, ensuring that the clinic operates seamlessly and maintains the highest standards of care and service.

  • Amanda's own personal journey has significantly shaped her career. She overcame severe acne in her early 20's, accompanied by other internal health imbalances. These experiences ignited a passion within her to work with skin, as she understands firsthand the transformative power it holds.

    What sets Amanda apart is not only her extensive experience but also her unique ability to facilitate healing beyond the physical. She is a trained Reiki practitioner, harnessing an incredible healing touch.

  • Beyond skincare, Amanda is committed to guiding you on a holistic journey of well-being, addressing not only the physical aspects but also nurturing all levels of the body to help you achieve your best possible results.

    Discover the transformative experience of working with Amanda, both as a skilled skincare professional and as the leader of the clinic team. Book an appointment with her today, and experience her unique blend of expertise, leadership, and healing touch as you embark on a journey toward physical and inner healing.


  • Join the Nua Skin Bliss Team!

    Are you a passionate and qualified Skin Therapist or Clinic Coordinator/Receptionist?

    Nua Skin Bliss is expanding, and we're on the lookout for talented individuals to join our dynamic team!

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  • We Are Looking For:

    • Qualified Skin Therapists
      Skilled in various skin treatments and passionate about providing personalized care.
    • Clinic Coordinators/Receptionists
      Organized, friendly, and efficient individuals who can take initiative and manage appointments, client relations, and administrative tasks with ease.
  • What We Offer:

    • Competitive salary and benefits
    • Flexible working hours
    • Comprehensive training programs
    • A beautiful and inspiring workplace

Erin and her team are highly qualified skin experts with internationally recognised qualifications

  • International Therapy Examination Council
  • Cibtac-Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology
  • Dermapen
    Collagen Therapy
  • Laser Specialist
    Hair + Vein Removal, Pigmentation

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